“Women constitute one half of the world’s population and a visible majority of the poor. Women either solely or largely support an increasing number of families. Projects aiming to improve the living conditions of the poor cannot, therefore, be effective unless women participate in their formulation and implementation, as contributors as well as beneficiaries.”
- Kalvi Kendra



“Kalvi Kendra has contributed in making the three pillars of our Constitution – secularism, democracy and socialism – a reality, thus highlighting that there are alternatives to the exploitative and divisive forces of globalisation, communalism and casteism…”
- Rev. Fr. Claude D’Souza s.j.



“Disaster risk reduction programme implemented by Kalvi Kendra was the eye opener of the people of Thoppu Veeranam. Our village is located in between two rivers called Thenpennaiyaru and Malattaru. If at all there is a rain for two days continuously, our village will be surrounded with water and flood. The flood will enter first into village as it is located in the low lying area. Since 100 percentage of the family in Thoppu veeranam village belong to Dalits community, atmost all the families were living in the vulnerable houses that is thatched roof with Mud wall. We are severely affected every year by the river and rain flood.

Even before introducing the CMDRR programme in our village we already connected with Kalvi Kendra since it paved the way to improve our economic condition through organizing the women into Self Help Groups. Through this CMDRR programme we become aware of reducing the risks due to disaster and learnt to protect our meager livelihood against the disaster. Number of training programmes( Vulnerabilities and Hazard assessments, Coping mechanism, Rescue & First aid, Vocational skills, Swimming skill etc, ) and the task forces(DRRMC, Rescue Team, SHGs, Farmers Group & Students club) formed in our village by kalvi Kendra make us to face the disaster collectively. Not only we are able to respond disaster but also our life condition is improved”


Mrs. Suba
Veeranam Panchayat

“Though there is a development taking place in all the sectors, Farm activities are decreased in the villages. The main reason behind the decrease in farm activities is no motivation to the farmers on advanced technology in the changing context, more use of chemical mixed fertilizers & pesticides and artificial seed varieties which give fewer yields.  Kalvi Kendra   organised the farmers and started motivating us on bio farming, alternative & flood resistant cropping patterns, using of new technologies etc., . Now we have been linked with different agricultural institutions and able to avail no of schemes, financial support and training programmes. I am one of the farmers benefitted by the motivation of Kalvi Kendra and started involved in organic farming.  Now I am aware of protecting my farm activities against disaster by insuring the crops, cattle etc., “

Farmer(Organic Farming)
Chinna Kallipattu village



Cyclone Thane devastated many villages in Villupuram and Cuddalore districts of tamil nadu. I am a widow live alone in my thatched roof house. When Cyclone Thane warnings were given in our village the rescue team formed under CMDRR programme came and took us to the rescue shelter which was Built under CMDRR programme. All the people living in the vulnerable houses were accommodated in the rescue shelter. Though there were heavy damages in the village there was not even a single human life loss.  We were protected and safeguarded in the rescue shelter more than two weeks till the repairing work of our house completed. This rescue Shelter is also used to conduct Evening coaching centres, weekly SHG meetings  and common functions of the village”.
- Saroja


Single women
Sorappur Village

“In Panapakkam village of Vikravandi Block people were drinking unprotected and unclean water from a pond close to their habitation for ages. Having realised the ill-effects and the possible health hazards, the members of women’s SHGs demanded clean drinking water in the Grama Sabha (the General Body of the Village Administrative System). Their demand was objectively looked in and favourably considered by the village Panchayat. A deep bore-well was sunk which provides copious water to the residence. Now, the people have better access to potable water. In the same way, in Kayathur, ten-years of water scarcity was solved through Grama Sabha meeting.”