Kalvi kendra is known as a renowed NGO in villupuram for imparting trainings on different set of society. This centre is used to train self help groups, community leaders, NGOs, government officials, police personnel and bankers according to the need of the group.

The areas of training offered here include the following:

  • Training for attitudinal change,
  • Training on rural development,
  • Training on SHG,
  • Training on leadership and personality development,
  • Training on grass-root planning,
  • Training on team-building,
  • Training on Entrepreneur Development Programme,
  • Training on micro-credit,
  • Training on campaigning, lobbying and advocacy.
Kalvi Kendra Provides the space for the younger generation to be proactive to the society by learning the gross root reality. Kalvi kendra has placed many MSW, MBA and post graduate students in the organization to acquire the better field experience.

The Post graduate students are welcome to learn the full field level reality by posting their resume and request in our mail (

Kalvi Kendra has been facilitating many exposure teams on SHG, CMDRR and other social development Programme.

Visited organisation for exposure:

  • West Bengal Voluntary Health Association - Andaman Nichobar
  • CARIDAS - Bangladesh
  • Team from Afghanistan
  • Team from Africa
  • Team of Govt officials from North East - India
  • Shimoga Multi Purpose Society
  • Helpage International
  • AIDMI - Bihar
  • Carmelite Priests (Karnataka- Maharashtra province)
  • Students from France
  • Researchers from USA, UK, Netherlands, Africa & Japan