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Womens’ Emancipation Conference cum Workshop
Womens’ Emancipation Conference cum Workshop
Womens’ Emancipation Conference cum Workshop
Womens’ Emancipation Conference cum Workshop
Womens’ Emancipation Conference cum Workshop
Cuddalore Relief
Cuddalore Relief
Cuddalore Relief
Base Line Survey
Completed Earth bag Construction house
DRR Awareness Cultural Programme
Earth Bag House Construction
Earth Bag House Construction
Earth Bag House Construction
Hazard safe Houses - Kongampattu village
HIV AIDS Awareness Day
Income Genration activity by SHG Member
Mockdrill to Rescue team
Rescue Shelter - Sornavur Melpathy
Rescue Team Involvement in Thane Cyclone Relief
Sorapur Rescue Centre
Students' Scholarship Distribution
Veterinary Camp
  Ongoing Programmes  
Womens’ Emancipation Conference cum Workshop
Womens’ Emancipation Conference cum Workshop had been organized by Kalvi Kendra on 27-02-2016 @ Villupuram. The main theme of this years’ conference is “TOWARDS LIVELIHOOD TO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT” of Women. About 1200 Women participated in the programme. And the Function was Headed by many Woman Chief Guests who have been noteworthy in the society through their Hardwork and Achievements.
Elimination of Open Defecation Programme

Kalvi Kendra has been implementing Elimination of Open Defecation to improve health, hygiene and sanitation in 209 villages of 45 panchayats of Kandamangalam Block, Villupuram district.

The programme is supported by State Planning Commission of Tamil Nadu under (SBGF) State Balance Growth Fund through DRDA Villupuram .

The prime objective of the programme is to bring behavioral change to eliminate Open Defecation by motivating them to construct and use of individual household toilets.

Women Empowerment Programme ( Mahalir Thittam)

In 1998, the State Government of Tamil Nadu came out with a Programme called Mahalir Thittam for women with the objective of empowering women by way of raising their economic conditions and social status.

The past experience of Kalvi Kendra in identifying itself with the women groups as a facilitating body drew the attention of the government which has lead to select Kalvi Kendra for implementing this programme. More

  World Bank assisted Vulnerability Reduction in Coastal community ( Govt sponsored )  

Construction of1748 Hazard safe houses in the coastal area of villupuram district assisted by World Bank through Tamilnadu State Govt, Third party facilitation has been entrusted with  Kalvi Kendra. Kalvi kendra plays  the following significant roles of 

  • Revalidation of housing beneficiaries identified by the District Administration
  • Awareness building to the beneficiaries on Environment protection, participation in house construction and protection & Maintenance of their houses in future.
  • Monitoring the construction work
  IFAD assisted Post Tsunami Livelihood Promotion ( Govt Sponsored)  

This programme is implemented in collaboration with Tamilnadu govt Tsunami Rehabilitation Department to the tsunami affected coastal communities in villupuram district, Tamilnadu state.
Following are the main activities of this programme,

  • Formation & Monitoring of  Habitation Level Federation and PLF ,Cluster Resource Centres(CRC)
  • Creating livelihood infrastructure facilities
  • Linking with Banks
  • Awareness creation on Sea Safety & Resource Management
  • Promoting livelihood activities for sustainable income generation
  • Promotion of Insurance for life & live stocks
  Social Security Programme  

Ensuring risk cover of the deprived section is the core objective of this social security programme. It is the scheme of Ministry of Social Security implemented by Kalvi Kendra in collaboration with LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India).

  • 50000 members were covered under JBY-LIC life insurance Scheme.
  • 350 persons have got claim worth  12000000 INR
  • 12000 Students have received the scholarship of 1200 INR
  Disasters Responded by Kalvi Kendra  
  1. 1979 - 1984 - Relief and Rehabilitation to the victims of communal violence in villupuram , 250 families.
2. 2004 - 2008 - Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction to the 10 Tsunami affected communities in the coastal area of villupuram district.
3. 2006 - 2008 - Flood affected Kongampattu village - Construction of 75 Houses.
4. 2012           -  Immediate Relief to 4000  Thane cyclone affected families in 10  panchayats of Kandamangalam block, Villupuram District.
5. 2014           -  Immediate Relief to the rain flood affected in Dindigul, Theani   and Palani District.
6. 2015           - ( at present )- Involved in immediate relief activities in Cuddalore Dt, Chennai and Villupuram Dt.
  Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction Programme (CMDRR)  

The involvement of Kalvi Kendra, in Tsunami relief and re-construction works brought to light the vulnerability of the poor, especially the Dalits who live in low-lying areas, to the vagaries of nature. As their houses are made of mud walls and thatched roof, the high velocity wind and rain claims the human lives and damages instantly their houses displacing them to take shelter in schools and concrete houses of other people in the community. This happens with every flood and cyclone every year.More

  Thane cyclone - Restoring shelter (Earth Bag House Construction)  

In the end of 2011 cyclone Thane devastated Cuddalore and Villupuram coastal areas in Tamilnadu State. Though there were unimaginable damages caused by the cyclone, only the upper class people were able to restore the normal life. But the poor are unable to regain their lost belongings. Patricularly the people who were living at huts in non title land suffer without safe shelter. Since they reside in Non title land they are not eligible to get the houses allotted by Govt of Tamilnadu for Victims of thane cyclone.

  In this concern Kalvi Kendra joined hand with SEEDS( a non profit organization based in delhi)  to construct houses of an unique model called Earth Bag House Construction. This is a model where environment and the Disaster safety were given importance in the house construction. The houses are built in Narasingapuram and Chinna kuppam villages in villupuram district of Tamilnadu.  
  Preparation of Perspactive plan for Backward areas of Villupuram district - Sponsored by State Planning Commission  

Tamilnadu state planning commission has introduced a new programme called State Balanced Growth Fund (SBGF) with the objective of promoting Employment, Percapita income, Health, Education and alleviating poverty in the identified backward region of the state.

Kalvi Kendra has been identified by the district administration as a resource organisation to prepare the perspective plan for backward blocks of Villupuram district.
Kalvi Kendra involved in

  • collecting primary data and secondary data by way of applying PRA tools and collecting sector wise respectively. Analysing the data, Finding the problems & Needs and preparing the perspective plan.
  Reduction of health vulnerabilities by eliminating open defecation practices - SBGF  
Open defecation practice is the root cause for the health problems of the people. In order to reduce  the health vulnerabilities and to improve the hygienic environment, Kalvi Kendra in collaboration with State Planning Commission started implementing a new program in 204 habitations in  45 panchayat of Kandamangalam block in Villupuram District.
Elimination of Open defecation through organizing the community, motivating them to contruct toilets, linking them for the financial assistance for the construction of 25000 toilet are the core activities of this project.

Improving the educational standard of Rural Poor children with the support of CSR
Sornavur Keezhpathy in Villupuram district which has occupied only the socially deprived community (Dalits). More than 70 % of the people are landless and daily labourers. Since the children   are from the poor and rural background, they are deprived of quality education. Their parents are not affordable to admit them in private English medium schools which are giving quality education which is very expensive. At the same time these poor children also have to compete with the students from the rich background with the quality education in this competitive world. Hence this projects intents to improve the educational standard of these children by promoting community coaching centres. This is the project sponsored by BNP Paribas, Hongkong under CSR Component.

Entreprenership development programme for Dalits.
Empowerment is possible only when the target groups are economically  balanced.  Hence this entrepreneurial development programme has bben planned in collobaration with Loyola institute of Social Reaseach. Promotion of Successful dalit micro antrepreneurs ia the core objective of this programme.

  HIV/ AIDS Awareness Training  
  HIV/Aids awareness training has been imparted to Self Help groups in 22 blocks of Villupuram district by development of women Corporation. Kalvikendra has been allotted Kandamangalam, Vikkiravandi and vanur blocks to  conduct this training.  The SHGs functioning in the blocks are grouped and the trainings are carried out in batches.  
  Immediate relief to the flash flood affected in southern districts of Tamil Nadu.  

North east monsoon was severe in Tamil Nadu in 2014. As the result of continuous rain fall, flash flood has occurred in many villages in some of the southern districts in the month of Nov’14.  
This unexpected flash floods in 8 of Palani and Ottanchathiral regions in Dindigul District had turned the living condition of the people into worst situation. At most all the houses located nearer to the water cannels were severely damaged. Household things, Food materials, Children’s study material and dresses were washed away by the flood. Many people who lost their houses in the flood were staying in the relief camp which was arranged by the district administration in school buildings. Food and water supply were provided by the panchayat.
Immediate relief materials included of Warm clothes, Cooking vessels and Eductional kids worth INR 3,95,000 were distributed to  the affected people.This immediate relief work was supported by Cordaid, Netherlands.

  Block level Resilience Forum

Preparedness of the community to reduce the risks arise out of disaster,  Block level Resilience forum was initiated to  motivate, mobilise and initiate community actions to address the disaster issues. It functions on its own. Kalvi Kendra in collaboration with Seeds, New delhi facilitates the activities of this forum.

  Preparation of District Human Development Report  
Tamilnadu state planning commission is keen on promoting the developmental programmes according to the fact figure of the state. In this concern state planning commission select the efficient resource institution to prepare District Human Development Report in each district. Kalvi Kendra is identified as a resource institution to prepare the District Human Development Report for Villupuram district.
  Training Centre  
  Kalvi kendra is known as a renowned NGO in Villupuram for imparting trainings on different area to different categories of people. A training centre with the minimum facilities suitable to the grass root communities has been functioning for the past two decades. It has been imparting trainings and conducting workshops to self help groups, community leaders, PRI leaders, Youth, NGOs, government officials, police personnel, Cooperatives and bankers according to the needs. Most of the programmes are sponsored by Government. The organization is equipping itself since it is being approached by different institutions for trainings & workshops. More  
  Habitat - Wash Unit & Housing  

Kalvi Kendra in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity India isassisting the construction of houses and Individual Household toilet in target villages. This assistance is provided to the most vulnerable especially widows, people with disability, destitute & poor women.

  • 50 houses were given assistance to complete the construction work in Kallipattu village of Villupuram district.
  • 100 Individual toilets have been constructed in panchamadevi panchayat of Villupuram district.
  • 75 houses were given assistance to complete the construction in Kongampattu village of Villupuram district.      
  PRIDE(Periyar Institute of Distance Education)  

Kalvi Kendra is affiliated by Periyar University of Salem as a study centre.  The Rural youth especially from the poor family have easy access to higher education through this study centre. All the disciplines’ are available in low fees. Kalvi Kendra plays the role of Motivating the rural poor youth group for higher education, Spot admission & liaisoning with the university.

  Valluvar Development Finance Pvt Ltd. (VDF)  
  It is a non banking financial institution promoted by Kalvi Kendra to provide credit support to the poor women for their economic development.