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Women’s Day Conference – Feb’16
Women’s Day Conference was Organized by our Organization on 27/02/2016(Saturday) at V.V.Arumugam Mahal in Villupuram.

The Conference have been organized in view to improve livelihood of Women. Several Awareness programme have been planned on this Conference.

Fumigation(Filling Gaseous pesticides for Pest Control)
Fumigation process have been carried out in Saidapet, Chennai Slum inorder to control the mosquito filled zones. This process was undergone by Kalvi Kendra supported by Godrej Groups. HIT Mosquito Sprays have been given to about 5000 Residents contd. And awareness pamplets also issued in prior to tell about the cleanliness of their houses and common Roads
Mr.S.Chinnappan, the director of Kalvi Kendra has been awarded with Doctorate by International University of Jerusalem for the 37 years of Humanitarian services in the field of socialwork and also awarded with Sevaa Ratna by Compassion Trust, Thiruvannamalai. He was felicitated by the staff of Kalvi Kendra, PRI Leaders and CBOs in Villupuram district.  

Village wise Social Mappings are being carried out in kandamangalam block to identify the status of toilet at the village level

Entrepreneurs development data collection n is being carried out in the Dalit habitations of Kandamangalam Block.

Orientation to elected PRI Leaders on the project “ Elimination of open defecation” took place at Kalvi Kendra training centre.

New CSR activity has been initiated in Sornavur Keezhpathy village of Villpuram District with the support of BNP Paribas.

Rescue shelters are being constructed in 5 villages under CMDRR programme.

Training on Gender equity to the CRPs (Community Resource persons) is taking place in Kalvikendra training centre. It is organized by TNSRLM.  
Farm lands aside Thenpennai rivers were protected in 4 CMDRR villages by raising the bund.   
Primary data collection has been completed in Kandamangalam block of Villupuram district for Perspective plan preparation under SBGF project sponsored by State planning commission.  
Training on book keeping to VPRCs (Village Poverty Reduction Committees) is taking place in Kalvikendra training centre. It is organized by TNSRLM.  
Tree Seedlings were planted in 10 CMDRR villages.  
Training on Non Communicable Diseases to CRPs (Community Resource Persons) is taking place in Kalvi Kendra training Centre. It is organized by TNCDW.
Cultural programmes were organized for the students studying in Disaster coaching centres.

Trainings on Governance & Finance Management to the leaders of PLF (Panchayat Level Federation) is taking place in Kalvi Kendra training centre. It is organized by TNVRC.

DRRMC (Disaster Risk Reduction Management Committee) monthly review meetings are taking place in kalvi Kendra Traning Centre.

45 Heifers were distributed to the rural poor women in 5 villages to increase their earning capacity.


Swimming Training imparted to women
Two days swimming Training was organized in Disaster Risk reduction school of Kalvi Kendra at V. Salai Village. About 110 women learnt swimming.

SHG audit has been done for IFAD in Anumandai & Koonimedu CRCs of Villupuram District.


Mock drill was organized  to Rescue team Members
To equip and educate the rescue team members on rescue aspects, mock drill was organized for 150 rescue team members from 10 villages in DRR School at V. Salai Village in collaboration with district fire & Rescue department, Villupuram.

Women’s day celebration planning is on the process. CRCs (Cluster Resoure Centres) Promoted by Kalvi Kendra is leading this planning process.

International Disaster Awareness Day was commemorated. . .
Public programme was organized in the month of November on disaster awareness day. All the Disaster Management committee members, Rescue team members, Panchayat presidents and the youngster were participated in the programme. The importance of community preparedness against disaster was explained to the community.

Exposure visit by Carmalites (Karnataka - Maharastra province)
20 Carmelite priests from Karnataka - Maharastra province visited Kalvi Kendra to get exposed of social development activities and the strategies followed by Kalvi Kendra in social development works.
They were exposed to
•           Self Help Group concept
•           Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction Programme
•           Thane Housing (Earth bag house construction)

BLCC (Block Level Coordination Committee) Meetings are taking place at Kalvi Kendra training centre.

Cultural Programmes were organized in CMDRR Villages
Cultural programme was organized in 10 villages of Kandamangalam and Koliyanur blocks to educate the community on Disaster Risk Reduction. It was coordinated by the Disaster Risk Reduction Management Committee (DRRMC) in each village.

Kalvi Kendra Voiced in UNISDR ( Global Platform for Disaster reduction) Conference, Geneva.
As a replicable model of Kalvi Kendra’s CMDRR programme , Mrs. G.Vijayarani and Mrs. R.Rajakumari of Kalvi Kendra invited  by the UNISDR for the Global Conference on Disaster Reduction held at Geneva. Kalvi Kendra presented the Best practices of CMDRR programme carried out in villupuram district including the recommendation of two main practices in DRR to the Global Platform. That is

  • Women are the driving force for resilient societies. Therefore the DRR activities can be routed through the women.
  • Involving elected representatives (Local Government) in DRR activities for tapping the fund from government bodies will give good result.
Relief Packages Distributed in Cuddalore District.  
As a part of Flood Relief Campaign by Kalvi Kendra, about 160 Packages including Rice, Oil, Groceries and Bed Sheets have been distributed in Suthukulam Village at Cuddalore District.